Konk was my first fashion store, which I founded with a partner in 2003 in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg. It was a wild idea. We had just graduated from fashion school, and I was in my early twenties, driven by the idea of opening our own space. Back then, such ventures were possible in Berlin. There was a spirit of entrepreneurship and art in the air, and it seemed like everything was possible. Rents were low, and more importantly, there was a lot of available space in the city center. Although people didn't have much money to spend on expensive fashion, we didn't care. At night, we could always work as bartenders in a club. Since there were no jobs in the fashion industry in Berlin, we decided to do our own thing.

Quite soon, we became interested in the works of our colleagues, and the store evolved into a concept store for young Berlin designers. With our curation, it became increasingly cutting-edge. Two years later, we moved to Berlin's Mitte, which significantly improved our financial situation. Two years after that, my partner and I parted ways, and I continued Konk alone until 2012.

In 2008, following my takeover, we revamped the store in collaboration with furniture designer Rainer Sphel. Additionally, a pencil drawing covering the entire changing room was created by the artist Alex Wagner.

Photographs by Achim Hartzius.